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   More recently, legislation has introduced a rule prohibiting the use of a mobile phone while driving a car. This ban can be fully understood – when talking on the phone, at least one hand is busy, and attention is distracted. Such inconveniences of operations with phone can be felt not only in the car, but also in other places where you need to use two hands. You can avoid this by using standard wired headphones that come with almost all mobiles, but the wires themselves can create at least inconveniences. Today we will talk about a more convenient solution to such issues, namely about which wireless mobile phone Bluetooth headset is better for buying.

We have long been interested in what Bluetooth means (blue tooth) and why modern devices have gotten that name. It turns out that this word was hooked up to gadgets because of the memory of the ancient Viking King, who really had such teeth. Since the king has united the disparate tribes into a single kingdom, then for a technology that allows the unification of several devices, this name has a symbolic meaning.

A Bluetooth headset (handsfree) is a kind of headset with a microphone and a headphone (headphones), which uses Bluetooth to transmit information.

Let’s consider the basic characteristics of a Bluetooth headset:

1. Types of Bluetooth headsets.

There are two main types of Bluetooth headsets by the number of sound channels – mono and stereo.

  • In a mono headset there is only one channel of sound.
  • A Bluetooth stereo headset has two such channels.

For ordinary conversations it is quite enough to buy cheap mono Bluetooth headset, but for listening music – it’s better to use a stereo, here you can focus on your needs.

Of course, listening music through the handsfree may not be as cool as through full-fledged headphones, but the lack of wires can offset it.
Mobile phone bluetooth headset

2. Bluetooth specification (versions).

Bluetooth, as a way of information transmitting, already has some history of updates and enhancements. The first version was Bluetooth 1.0, now mostly versions 2.0 and higher are used.

The difference between versions is in such basic characteristics as the range and speed of the transmission of information, as well as the level of energy use.

Higher versions have the better characteristics and features.

When choosing a Bluetooth headset, you need to pay attention to its version of Bluetooth and phone version.

Bluetooth versions have backward compatibility, it means that the Bluetooth 3.0 headset will work with 2.1.

We can recommend a model of Bluetooth headset with version not less than 2.0.

3. Headset weight.

A Bluetooth headset is an accessory that you will wear directly on your head or, to be more precise, on the ear.

It is clear that the weight of the device matters in terms of ergonomics and convenience.

Here it is necessary to know such regularity: the less weighs of a headset – the shorter time of its work without recharging due to the size of the battery.

Small headsets are compact, but they may not be very comfortable mounted.

So a weight reduction is not always justified, sometimes a couple of extra grams will help to make your device more effective in use.

It is better to pay attention when buying a new Bluetooth headset for the convenience of its shape and fastening.

4. Bluetooth headset battery lifetime.

A Bluetooth headset battery lifetime is an indicator that is essentially the same as the battery lifetime of your phone.

If a battery will discharge, you will not be able to use the headset, so the Bluetooth headset battery is a very important part.

The best Bluetooth headset will be the one which battery holds longer time.

On average, the handfree can work without recharging for 5-7 hours in talk mode and 5-7 days in standby mode.

5. Additional features.

The main additional features of a Bluetooth headset are the following:

  • Multipoint. A multipoint Bluetooth headset allows you to connect one device to two phones, which can be very useful for people who use more than one device.
  • Voice control. This control allows you to use the headset with the help of voice commands and without pressing the buttons.
  • Variable panels. Changing the headset panels in unison with a hairstyle or headgear may be an interesting nuance of the appearance of its owner.

Let’s also see how to connect the Bluetooth headset with mobile phone.

To get started, you need to turn on the phone and the headset, Bluetooth also must be turned on and visible to everyone. In many cases, good Bluetooth headsets will be connected automatically.

If automatically connection does not happen, you need to activate the search mode on the headset (often need to press and hold the power button), and then turn on the device search on your phone.

When the phone detects the headset, you need to connect to it and enter the headset pin code (most often 0000 or another code specified in the manual).

Well, we wish you to get the best new Bluetooth headset for good using.

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