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   I have remembered old tale about Goldilocks recently. Beautiful lush hair has always been one of the main indicators of feminine beauty. We know that beauty requires proper care and hair is not an exception. Head washing is a real ritual for modern beauties. Hair dryer is one of the most important members of this regular ritual. Today’s article will help our ladies (and not only them) in deciding how to buy a hair dryer.

According to some sources, official history of hair dryer starts in 40th years of the twentieth century, when a German firm registered a similar-sounding brand name. Hairdryers were modernized since that time, but principle of their work remains the same and it lies in the supply of heated air in the right direction. As you can see hairdryer has no such long history as other hairdressing tools, but it is not also a novelty.

By the way, I recently wrote about such device as a dehydrator for fruits and vegetables, it is interesting that it use with a hairdryer very similar “working methods”.

It should be noted that using of hair dryers become almost ubiquitous at this time.

What do you need to know before you make a dryer selection? To answer this question, let’s consider the basic hair dryer parameters and features.

1. Hair dryer power (wattage).

Power is one of the main parameters of a hair dryer, as well as for other electrical appliances. Power, speed and temperature of the air flow, which will issue the dryer depends on it power. More powerful hair dryer will dry your hair faster.

Hair dryers can be divided into three categories depending on their power:

  • Power up to 1500 Watts. Such power have small hand dryers, most of which are called – travel hairdryers. Travel hair dryer you can easily take on your trips due to their small size.

  • Power from 1500 to 2000 Watts. Most of the home hair dryers that are presented on the market belong to this category. These dryers are quite effective and suitable for daily use in most cases.

  • Power over 2000 Watts. This category includes mainly professional dryers which are used by the stylists.

In general we can say this: if you need a small compact dryer for use on trips – choose the model with power up to 1200 watts, for daily use you can buy a home dryer with power about 1800 watts. Professional hair dryer with power over 2000 watts you can buy if you have long and thick hair.

2. Dryer shape and type.

The hair dryer structure is not very complicated. Basically all hair dryers have a similar shape and consist of handle and drying tube. Please pay attention to hair dryer usability, how it “falls” in hand.

There are folding models in which the handle is not fixed and can be pressed to the tube. Travel dryers are usually folding because in the folded state they take up less space.

However, folding hair dryer for home, in my opinion, is not the most optimal choice. This device takes up less space of course, but it is less reliable and folding handle can break after some time of using.

3. Number of temperature regimes and speeds.

The process of hair drying is simple at first glance, but it is quite specific in fact. Hair dryer is used in various modes of drying, each of which needs its own temperature and air speed.

Control elements in the form of buttons or special sliders are used for regulation of parameters of dryer airflow. Almost all hair dryers have temperature control button and power control button, each of which can be installed in several positions. This allows you to customize the optimum temperature of airflow and hair dryer power.

Hair dryer supports more modes, if the buttons have more positions, so you can more accurately choose the right mode for your purpose.

New hair dryers have 2-3 modes of speed and temperature most frequently.

4. Number of nozzles.

Direct air flow that comes from the hair dryer does not always meet the needs of the user. You need to concentrate or conversely dissipate air flow in order to use the hair dryer for different purposes very often. Special attachments (nozzles) for hair dryer are available for this purpose.

Hair dryer nozzles can be of different types, shapes and purposes, but there are a few basic, which can be considered mandatory. Concentrator nozzle and diffuser nozzle belong to such nozzles.

A concentrator nozzle lets concentrate the air flow in a particular direction, so you can work with a clear section of hair.

Concentrator nozzle

What is a hair dryer diffuser? A diffuser nozzle disperses air and it is used mainly for giving your hair additional volume.

Diffuser nozzle

Number of attachments can very significantly affect the cost of the device. So if you do not need all sorts of exotic nozzle, do not pay for them.

5. Additional features.

Ionization can be considered as a major additional function of hair dryers.

Positively charged particles are allocated as a result of heating the heating element of conventional hair dryer. These parts have a negative effect on hair. An ionic hair dryer allocates negatively charged ions. These ions minimize electrification and help to reduce drying time.

Hair dryers in whom the heating element is covered with a special substance – tourmaline, recently appeared on the market. Tourmaline hair dryer helps to increase number of ions.

It should be noted that the function of hair dryer ionization is rather ambiguous: on the one hand it reduces the electrification, but on the other – it is believed that prolonged exposure of negative ions may have negative affect to the condition of hair.

In my opinion, here you need to know when to stop. If you use the device for its intended purpose and without fanaticism, everything will be fine.

   Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best hair dryer and hair drying and styling will be a pleasure for you.

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