All about a hot water heater (boiler)


   Most of us have become accustomed to the comfort that we very often associate with the word “warm”. Accordingly, the need for such an aspect of comfort as warm water is very significant. In most cities, the supply of warm water is through a centralized system, which is associated with a variety of inconveniences and constraints. There are several ways in which you can provide yourself with your own warm water supply at any convenient time. Today we will talk about how to choose the best home hot water heater (boiler).

An electric home depot boiler (hot water heater) is a device designed for individual supply of hot water, through the connection to the system of general water supply.

The principle of a boiler working is that the water from the water supply is fed into a special tank, which is heated with the help of a heating element, and then distributed for domestic needs.

Let’s list the main characteristics of electric water boilers

1. Water heater sizes (volume).

To be precise, this indicator refers to the volume of the boiler tank, which indicates the volume of water that can be heated by the device in one cycle.

Calculation of volume should be carried out based on your needs in warm water.

For example:

  • for a family of 2 people, most experts recommend an electric water heater with a volume of 50 liters;
  • for a family of 3 people – 80 liters;
  • for large families – 100 and more liters.

Personally, our opinion is that you can focus on a high-quality electric boiler with a volume of 80 liters, as the most optimal for the average family.
Hot water heater

2. Water heater element type.

A heater heating element is a main part of any boiler. Right this element makes direct heating of water.

There are two main types of heating elements: Open (“wet”) and closed (“dry”).

  • An open element is directly contacts the water, heating it at the same time.
  • A closed element is placed in a special sealed tube and does not directly contact with water.

A model with a closed element is more efficient, less susceptible to damage and even safer in terms of electrical safety, but it also costs more expensive.

3. Boiler’s power.

It is clear that the speed of water heating depends on the boiler’s power.

The power is in the range from 1.3 to 3 kW in most household boilers, which can be equal to the power of electric convectors.

Standard power can be considered as 1.5 kW, it can be guided in principle. Such energy efficient water heaters will allow to heat water up efficiently and save electricity.

4. Water tank material.

A boiler tank is constantly in contact with water during operation, therefore the material from which it is made will depend to a large extent on the lifetime of the whole device.

Most electric water heaters have tanks made of either conventional steel with a special coating or stainless steel.

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Tanks from simple steel are stronger, but their coating may be damaged during the time.

Stainless steel tanks have a more stable surface, but their walls are thinner than their steel counterparts.

We can advise to buy a better new boiler with a simple steel tank, but from a good manufacturer, which will give a good guarantee of reliability and quality of its coverage.

5. Form and types of water heaters.

Household electric boilers can be vertical or horizontal by its types.

Most boiler manufacturers now produce vertical models, because they are more efficient.

Horizontal models can be found quite rarely in cases where it is impossible to install a vertical water heater.

There are also the following main types of boilers forms:

  • Standard (cylindrical) boilers. This is the most common form. Such models resembles a cylindrical barrel.
  • Slim boiler. Slim devices also called “thin” because they are more elongated in length with smaller diameter than standard ones.
  • Rectangular boilers. The name itself indicates that such devices are in the shape of a rectangle.

The choice of a new water heater form and type depends on the place where you are going to put it.

The most famous boiler manufacturers are such water heater brands as Gorenje, Electrolux, Ariston.

It is worth saying a few words about a boiler installation. Such an installation involves connecting to the electrical network (often through a separate output from the shield) and to the water supply network, which may prove to be a rather difficult task for a non-specialist. Therefore, an accompanying boiler connection service is often offered in shops, which may be superfluous.

And we wish you to understand for yourself, which boiler is the best and to buy a reliable model.

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