A kitchen gas range – buying guide


   Now, many people do not even imagine their lives without the use of natural gas. With the approach of winter the benefits of it using to heat up our homes are more strongly felt. Equally important is the benefit of natural gas using for cooking. Although electric and microwave plates are also widely used for these purposes, their gas colleagues still play a major role in many kitchens. Our story today is about how to choose a gas stove in the kitchen.

What is a gas stove?

A kitchen gas stove (range) is a kind of kitchen appliances, which used for cocking with gas heating.

To find the necessary model in the existing variety of assortment we will help assess the following basic characteristics of gas stoves:

1. Gas stove dimensions.

When choosing a stove you have to calculate the possibilities of it installing in the interior of your kitchen. If the gas range dimensions (sizes) appear to be inappropriate, then it can bring you great inconvenience or even cause the inability to use the appliance.

The height of a gas range in most cases is standard and is 85 cm, this can be said to be standard. But the width and depth of the stove can range from 50×50 to 60×60 cm.

Before going to the store, take a centimeter and measure the free space, this will help you to accurately navigate the desired size of the gas stove.

2. Number and dimensions of stove burners.

The old plates often had only two burners. Double-burners gas stoves are now produced mainly in tablet versions, since the standard are four-burners models.

Some models of gas stoves can have 3 but this is rare. Also new models of 6 burner gas range become more popular now.

A gas range burner can has different sizes and capacities, most commonly the plate has one large burner of high power, two medium and one small of low power.

This is done in order to make dishes of different sizes installed on the appropriate burners: large – need to be placed on a large burner and, accordingly, a coffee pot or other small dishes – on the smallest.

Today we are considering the features of a gas stove, but it should be noted that there are combined stoves. Such devices may have three gas burners and one electric or two gas and two electric burners.

There are also purely electric plates which do not have gas burners at all. Such devices already have some similarity on the principle of their operation with multi cookers.
Kitchen gas stove

3. Type and properties of stove surface (covers).

A surface of a gas range must have special physical and aesthetic properties, since it has to contact with high temperatures, as well as undergo various mechanical influences.

The main types of stove surface are enamel and stainless steel.

  • Enameled surface coating is more traditional. It is quite durable and stable, and can also be relatively easy to clean.Enamel gas stove can be made in different colors, although white gas range are the most popular models.Personally, my opinion is that it is better to buy a gas stove with a dark coating – it has less noticeable pollution and other defects.
  • The stainless steel gas range has a greater strength than enamel, but it is a bit more difficult to clean it from contaminants such as fingerprints.
  • Latest gas stove may have a glass ceramic surface cover, which has a number of advantages and one small disadvantage in the form of their price.

4. Form and practicality of stove grids.

In most household gas stoves dishes are installed on special grid above the burners. This may be one solid grid for all gas cooker on all four burners; two grids, each of which for two burners or a separate grids for each burner.

From the experience of many homeowners, it is the best to choose a gas stove with solid grid or with two large grids, since they are more stable. Separate grids for each burner are impractical.

You also need to look at the shape of the grid to imagine how convenient it will be to put dish on it.

5. Oven properties.

In addition to the direct function of heating the food through the burners, almost all modern models of gas stoves have built-in ovens. In such an oven you can even bake bread, if there is no separate bread maker.

Ovens can also work with gas or electricity.

  • The feature of the gas oven is that the heating on it is mainly from the bottom, which can cause uneven distribution of heat.
  • The electric oven has a relatively even distribution of heating.

We can recommend a stove with a good oven, which has a forced circulation of air, which ensures even distribution of temperature and increases the quality of baking.

Also, it should be noted that the oven must necessarily have a back-light.

6. Presence of a grill.

If you are a lover of a roasted golden crust you may need to have a grill in a gas stove. The grill can also be gas or electric. In gas stoves more often you can also find a gas grill.

7. Additional kitchen stove features.

The main additional functions of a gas stove include:

  • an electrical auto ignition. A gas range auto igniter allows the burners to be ignited without the use of matches, which is quite convenient and reduces the risk of fire.
  • a gas control system. This is a very important system that stops the flow of gas in the event when the flame is extinguished. Gas control helps to avoid gas leakage.
  • a timer. The main task of a timer in stoves is to give a signal after a certain time, which avoids burning food.

Among kitchen gas stove manufacturers GORENJE can be noted.

Hope this information will be useful to you to buy the best gas stove for your kitchen.

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