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3 tips on a SD memory card reader buying

+    Most modern electronic devices have built-in memory, which stores various data – from the operating system that manages a device to the user’s personal data. However, an internal memory is not always used for these purposes, sometimes it is convenient to use an external storage device. Different memory cards became very popular among …

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2 main features of good 3d glasses for TV or PC

+      Sometime we were told about fairy tales in our childhood, and we imagined ourselves not in our home, but somewhere in the boundless sea or in the woods. Sometimes our imagination was very, very real. Now we can travel with modern technology. Virtual 3d reality allows visiting different places, without leaving a PC or …

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All about a computer keyboard and its choosing

+    Summer flew, as always, very fast and now it’s autumn. Less often, the sun is pampering us with warm days and more and more often we are watching through the window of rainy weather. And when it’s raining we spend more time near the TV or computer. Today our discuss will be going …

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Choosing of the best battery charger

+    Most portable electronic devices are powered by a variety of rechargeable batteries. The main advantage of such batteries is that they can be used many times due to the possibility of recharging. This time, let’s talk about a gadget such as a new battery charger.

How to cool down laptop (notebook) and cooling pad choosing

+    All computers emit a certain amount of heat in the process of their exploitation. They may even overheat and break down. Today our discussion will focus on how to keep laptop cool or how choose the best laptop cooling pad.

Cellphone battery – types and parameters

+    Almost everyone has a mobile phone and many people have two phones or even more. We are accustomed to constantly be “in touch”. However, it is frustrating when such mobility suddenly disappears because of such banal reasons like battery failure or discharge. Everyone can recall instances when the cell phone battery sat down …

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