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What is a solid state hard drive (SSD) and its features

+    I recently thought about the speed of computers. I analyzed one very productive system and saw that the slowest component of it was a hard drive, and more specifically – the hard disk on which the operating system was installed. So, the mind about the new types of PC hard drives came to …

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4 main features of a good silent PC case fan

+    Computers work in conditions of elevated temperatures very often. When you hear the PC noise growth this means in most cases an increase in the operating temperature. This phenomenon has a completely logical explanation – the temperature inside the computer case rises and to reduce it, the existing cooler fans in the case …

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A mobile phone wireless Bluetooth headset choosing

+    More recently, legislation has introduced a rule prohibiting the use of a mobile phone while driving a car. This ban can be fully understood – when talking on the phone, at least one hand is busy, and attention is distracted. Such inconveniences of operations with phone can be felt not only in the …

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How to buy a tablet computer by its features

+    Today we want to focus on the subject, which became very widespread in recent years – let’s talk about which tablet computer is better to choose and buy.

How GPS navigation device works and how to buy it

+    We all have to travel in our country or abroad. And it is very important to find the right address. Modern technology can help us in this area of life. Let’s look at the basic aspects of which GPS navigator is better to buy for obtaining a reliable travel assistant for you.

Types of modern headphones and their main features

+    Modern civilization is aimed on increasing the convenience of people in all areas. However, increasing of someone comfort can lead to a decreasing in comfort someone else. A striking example of this is playing and listening of music. Someone like opera, but opera can presses on nerves to other person. To avoid such …

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