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Pasta definition and different types of pasta

+     Once in my childhood, when I went to kindergarten, one of our favorite meals there were noodles with milk. I do not remember whether they really were so delicious or collective atmosphere contributed appetite, but a positive attitude to the macaroni remains for all life. Let’s now talk about this product: what are …

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Facts about sugar and its different types

+      We all love sweets, but everyone manifest this love in different ways. Particularly ardent loves for sweets have children. Then it gradually passes, but many people feel this love during all their life. The word “candy” in all associated in different ways – someone associates it with candy, someone with pastries, but very …

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Mayonnaise ingredients and types

+      I had wanted to eat in one day and decided to make a sandwich. I had saw jars of mayonnaise, which was in the fridge. Idea to write an article on how to choose the best mayonnaise came to me at that time.

Sour cream ingredients and other properties

+      Do you remember the tale about a cunning Cat? As he got into the cellar, ate all the sour cream and pointed to the other after that. Cat was cunning, but not stupid, he knew what to eat, because the cream is one of the most nutritious foods in our diet. We’ll talk …

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How to choose the most delicious bread

+    I don’t want to remember hackneyed phrases, but the bread is really indispensable daily food product. Our ancient ancestors ate foods like bread from ancient times. Historians claim that the ancient Egyptians already had bread like a nowadays. Bread consumption only grows from that time.

Tasty cow milk composition and properties for buying

+    I think it would not be an exaggeration if to say that human history and milk history are inextricably linked. Milk is a product which we consume from the beginning of our life. Let’s consider how to buy milk to obtain the maximum health benefits from its consumption.