What is a washing vacuum cleaner and its parameters


   In today’s post we will talk about how to choose the best washing vacuum cleaner for house cleaning.

Let’s start with definitions.

What is a vacuum cleaner.

A  carpet vacuum cleaner is an electric home appliance designed for cleaning different surfaces from dust and other contaminants using suction airflow.

A washing vacuum cleaner is a subtype of vacuum cleaner for cleaning a surface with using of water or a special cleaning solution.

It should be noted that most of the washing vacuum cleaners can be used in “dry” mode, as usual “air” vacuum cleaners. At the same time we must say, that if you do not need a function of wet cleaning it is better to buy an ordinary vacuum cleaner and do not overpay.

Let’s look at the basic characteristics of household washing vacuum cleaner:

1. Vacuum cleaner power.

Vacuum cleaners have two important power characteristics: engine power (power consumption) and vacuum suction power, which are mainly related to each other in direct proportion.

Power consumption of cleaner may be in the range of 1200 to 2000 watts. This is a fairly high rate, which may be comparable to angle grinder power.

Thus, producers often indicate maximum power that exceeds the nominal power approximately at 20%.

A vacuum suction power is the power at which a vacuum cleaner draws in air or water. This power especially affects the quality of cleaning.

A vacuum suction power generally not exceed 1000 watts, this indicator can be in expensive professional cleaning vacuum cleaner in upper price category.

To purchase we can recommend the powerful vacuum cleaner with a power consumption of 1400 watts and a suction power of 300 watts.

A normal washing vacuum cleaner should have the power regulator, with which you will be able to adjust its power depending on the type of cleaning and cleaning surface features.

Washing vacuum cleaner

2. The volume of the tanks.

Working of vacuum cleaner used water in its process, and thus in the construction of cleaner the presence of water tanks is needed. The washing vacuum cleaner includes two tanks for water (fluid) – in the first tank is maintained clean water, and in the second – contaminated.

You have to orient to volume of the vacuum cleaner tank with clear water (cleaning agent), because the volume of the second tank is calculated based on this indicator.

In most household cleaners water tanks may have a volume from 1.7 to 5 liters. The greater volume is better, because you do not have frequent “refueling” the instrument in the cleaning process.

3. Vacuum cleaner filters.

In the process of cleaning the vacuum cleaner emits away an air stream. This flow of air contains a large amount of fine particles of dirt. Such particles can have a negative impact to man health. To prevent this special filters used in vacuum cleaners.

Most washing vacuum cleaners use for these purpose so-called aqua filters.

An aqua filter is a special tank of water through which the air stream passes before being discharged from the vacuum cleaner.

Most of the particles and bound water remains in the filter, but a small percentage of the lighter particles can pass through the aqua filter.

Additional carbon filters are used for catching these particles.

A carbon filter for washing vacuum cleaners can be in two classes: HEPA and S.

S-Class filters provide cleaning performance to the level of 99.97%, and the HEPA filter class level to 99.95%.

Besides carbon filters in the vacuum cleaner can be used so-called separator cleaning. In this case a separator makes a special air-water curtain, which provides filtered of air at the level of 99.97%.

A washing vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter will help you not only to make cleaning, but also to moisten the air in the room.

If you choose, be sure to know how many levels of filtering has a vacuum cleaner and what filters it uses.

4. Additional features.

In addition to the above, it is necessary to pay attention to these additional parameters of cleaner:

  • Characteristics of the tube. Almost all models of washing cleaners have a telescopic tube, which length may be adjusted based on your convenience.
  • Vacuum cleaner supplies. A vacuum cleaner can be used for many purposes, for each of which you need to use a separate nozzle. The package may include about 7 different nozzles for washing vacuum cleaners. The main ones are the following: universal nozzle for dry cleaning, nozzle for wet cleaning of carpets and nozzle for cleaning hard surfaces.
  • Cord length. The length of the cord determines the distance at which you can use the vacuum cleaner from the power source. This length should be at least 5-7 meters.
  • A device material and wheels. The vacuum cleaner is mounted on special wheels which make it movement more comfortable. These wheels must be made from a durable, but flexible material to avoid damage to the contact surface.
  • The presence of thermal protection and soft start. Overheating protection allows you to disable the motor in case of overheating. The soft start system helps to avoid overloading of the motor when it starts.

There are several vacuum cleaners manufacturers in the market, including companies such as Delonghi, Phillips, LG, Zelmer, Ariete and others.

The leaders in this niche are the Thomas and Karcher manufacturers. For example, the Karcher company specializes in the production of not only washing vacuum cleaners, but also various equipment for cleaning and is considered to be the leading brand in the industry.

We hope this information will help you to choose a good washing vacuum cleaner and make cleaning easier and more pleasant.

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