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   As has been mentioned more than once, food is one of the main questions that people are interested in. Food can be used directly with the help of hands, but this method is used less and less often, and it replaces, almost everywhere, by the use of a very diverse tableware. However, in any tableware there is one characteristic feature – after each use it should be washed. If there is not much cookware, then you can do it manually. But today’s post is about how to choose a home depot kitchenaid dishwasher properly and what are its benefits.

An electric kitchenaid dishwasher (automatic dishwasher machine) is a specialized kitchen unit which main purpose is to remove contaminants from tableware using water or special detergents.

The principle of dishwasher operation is simple enough: water (detergent) from special nozzles, placed on sprayers, falls on the decomposed in the body of the machine crockery and then flows into the sewer. All this happens cyclically.

For better understanding how a new dishwasher works, let’s look at the main cycles of its operation:

  • Soaking. In the process of soaking cold water is fed on the dishes and helps to soot solid contamination.
  • Washing. It is clear that this is the main process, during which the warm water or solution under pressure is fed to the dishes.
  • Rinsing. During rinsing, the tableware are washed several times with clean water to wash away the detergents.

If a machine has a drying function, then after rinsing dishes are drying.

Now let’s list the main dishwasher features to look for:

1. Dishwasher size (demensions).

There are the following different types of dishwashers by standard size:

  • Compact. A compact dishwasher has dimensions 45x55x45 cm.
  • Narrow. Dimensions of these machines are 45x60x85 cm.
  • Full-size. A full-size dishwasher has dimensions 60x85x60 cm.

It is clear that a bigger device has a larger capacity and more sets of dishes in it can be washed in one cycle. However, here you need to take into account the dimensions of your kitchen.

Electric home dishwasher

2. Water and power consumption.

Many consumers have water meters and mostly all have electricity meters, so consumption rates are quite important.

For the water consumption household dishwashers can be divided into three groups:

  • Economical – use up to 16 liters of water per cycle;
  • Medium-cost – 17-20 liters;
  • Unscrupulous – more than 20 liters per cycle.

An energy consumption of dishwashers is classified by analogy with the consumption of other household appliances. As mentioned in the article about the choice of refrigerator, there are classes of energy consumption.

In order not to get into the details we can say, that you need to look for an energy efficient dishwasher with minimum A energy class consumption. It is better not to buy devices with classes below then B.

When determining whether you need an affordable quality dishwasher, be sure to consider the factor of water and electricity consumption.

3. Type of control.

Dishwashers can be mechanically or electronically controlled.

A mechanical control is carried out by setting the control knobs in the desired position.

When electronically control is used, a machine is guided through the choice of special programs on electronic control panels.

An electronic dishwasher control panel is still more advanced, although it may be less reliable.

4. Number of programs.

In new models of automatic dishwashers, as well as in multi-cookers, all operations are carried out in sequence and during the time provided by the control program.

The number of a good dishwasher programs depends on the number of modes (including the temperature) of its operation.

We can recommend a reliable dishwasher with at least 5 programs for a purchase.

5. Additional features.

Additional parameters of dishwashers include the following:

  • Adjust baskets height. This adjustment will help you to use a machine for washing a variety of utensils.
  • Lighting of washing chamber. Lighting will help you to more easily load/unload a washer.
  • Adjustment of support legs. Support legs adjusting will help you to position your device clearly upright.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the materials of surfaces that come in contact with water – it is better if they are made of stainless steel – this will significantly extend the life of the device.

As for manufacturers, we can recommend choosing the most reliable dishwasher brands as Bosch or Siemens.

We hope that the above tips will help you to buy the best kitchenaid dishwasher.

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