Features of home bread maker machine


   Bread is whole head! Our ancestors baked fragrant bread on the wood in a home oven. We also have such opportunity now, but only with the aid of electricity. We can make our own bread in bread machine very easy. This article is devoted to consideration of characteristics of bread machines and advice on how to buy the best bread maker machine.

First bread machine, which has automated the process of baking, was developed in the late 80th years of the twentieth century in Japan. Household bread machines repeatedly improved from that time and now they are leading members of the technical arts.

Automatic bread maker machineLet’s review the main features, which should be paid attention to when choosing bread machines:

1. Baking weight.

Baking weight of is the weight of baking bread which can bake by an automatic bread maker at one time.

Modern bread machines can bake from 500 grams to 2 kilograms of bread at one time.

If your family is not very big and you are not particularly a lover of bread, you can stop your choice on the model, which baking weight is 500-700 grams. But if you have a big family you have to choose a bread maker with a weight of baking more than 1 kg.

Possibility of baking of different weights bread, depending on your current needs, provided in many models. You should pay special attention for the presence of such function.

2. Electrical power of bread machine.

Baking duration and baking weight depends on the power of bread machine. Greater power is needed for greater weight of baking.

Power of bread machine can be from 450 to 1650 watts.

On average, you need to focus on the following approximate relation:

  • From 0.5 to 0.7 kg of baking – 550-650 watts;

  • From 0.7 to 1 kg of baking – 650-800 watts;

  • More than 1 kg of baking – more than 800 watts.

3. Number of baking programs.

Baking program is a sequence of actions that will make the device as well as their duration. Time during which bread will be baked depends on the characteristics of this program.

Different recipes of baking require different programs.

Therefore, choosing a bread machines you need to see which programs it provides. It may be, for example, program “Fast Baking” or program “Cupcake”.

The best will be the bread maker, which has the more programs.

4. Timer.

A timer of electric bread maker allows you to adjust the baking time. If you want to get fresh bread for breakfast with bread maker, you must determine the length of the chosen baking program and set the timer, so that the program will be ended with the desired time.

5. The presence of additional features and capabilities.

The main additional features of bread maker include the following:

  • Having a viewing window, through which you can observe the process of baking;

  • Availability of dispenser. Dispenser in bread machine is a special adaptation by which various additives can be added to the baking, for example raisins or other;

  • Stock memory. This feature helps to extend the program with the desired baking stage, if occurred irregularity in supply of electricity;

  • Backlight, which helps to manage the baking in low light.

   Having examined the above specifications, you can buy the best home bread maker machine and make your own bread.

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