Choosing of deep frying machine


     I once heard a statement that the potatoes are our second bread. After some reflection, I have agreed with this statement, clarifying that for someone’s is not only the second but the first. Boiled, baked or other kind of potatoes is a favourite food of many people. People began to fry the potatoes in a frying pan many years ago and even now it is probably the most popular way of its cooking. The potatoes frying process has become much easier thanks to the new home technique. The main representative of these kinds of kitchen appliances is a desktop deep fryer. This post will be about how to choose the fryer machine and what fryer is the best to fry food.

Electric deep fryer is a device for frying potatoes.

Incidentally, it should be noted that some multicookings can also serve as a deep fryers. Although the main task of the fryer enclosed in the preparation of potatoes, but it can fry other foods such as cauliflower, mushrooms or donuts.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the fryer closer:

1. Fryer power.

The main principle of operation of majority fryer is that special heating element heats oil to the desired temperature and provides thermal processing of products. The effectiveness of this heating element and temperature for deep frying depends on the electric power

Fryers basically have power from 800 to 2000 watts.

For the average consumer can be recommended 1400-1800 watts power fryer.

2. Fryer bowl volume and its coating.

Products are placed in the bowl, which is filled with oil in the cooking process.

Volume of oil that can be placed in fryer bowl and therefore the quantity of food depending on its size.

There is an analogy with the steamer bowls here.

Fryer bowl volume can be from 0.5 to 5 liters. Professional fryer may have a bowl with 12 liters volume or more.

Fryers which have 0.5-0.7 liters bowl, intended for cooking small quantities of food at one event (one, maximum two servings). On the other hand, it is not always rational to spend 2-3 liters of oil for frying one meal.

We can recommend a device with a volume of 1,5-2 liter bowl for family consumption of these reasons. This is the maximum volume, during cooking you can use less oil, but this possibility should be provided by the fryer manufacturer.

It should be noted that there are such fryer models that can fry food without oil or butter (or more precisely with minimal use). Deep fryer, which is prepared without oil, can be a reasonable choice. For example fryer TEFAL FZ 7000 related to such models.

An important aspect is also bowl coating, it should be non-stick. Non-stick coating will positively affect both on the work of the unit and the quality of cooking.

3. Fryer capacity.

This indicator is closely linked to the previous one. As I said, the volume of the bowl effect on the quantity of products that can be fit into it.

Capacity, as opposed to the volume, measured in kilograms. Capacity range can be from 0.25 to 1.6 kg. On average the fryers with volume of 1,5-2 liters have 1.0-1.2 kg capacity.

4. Filters presence and characteristics.

The frying process is always accompanied by some odours and smoke. Special filters used in a deep fryer to prevent the spread of odours in the room. Such fryer oil filters are almost always bundled with the device and can be removable or non-removable and single-layer or multilayer.

The most effective are multi-filters, which have a several layers of protective materials.

Fryer filters for oil filtration can be used in a deep fryer except the odours filters, but such filters usually are not included and sold separately.

Personally my opinion is that the oil can be used for frying no more than two times or even once.

High temperatures produce large quantities of hazardous substances in oil.

The oil filter is a good thing, but completely clean oil from carcinogens and other things he still can not.

5. Additional characteristics.

In addition to the above, making choices fryer, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Ability to disassembly. Fryers must be regularly washed while doing it will be more convenient if the most instrument parts are removable.
  • Oil draining system. This system allows you to conveniently pour out oil after using the device.
  • Auto shutdown. Most fryers have auto shutdown function which help to turn off device after a specified time.
  • “Cold floor” function. This feature helps to maintain a lower temperature at the bottom of the bowl, which contributes to the absence of food burning.
  • Presence of a viewing window, which allows you to visually monitor the cooking process.

     Here are the basics characteristics of the fryer. Hopefully, the article will be useful for you and help you choose the best home deep fryer.

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