Making yogurt at home with yogurt maker


     Many people can not imagine their ration without dairy products. Milk, kefir, sour cream – these products are known to us from childhood. New dairy product, which is called yogurt, appeared relatively recently in our market. Shelves of shops are inundated with a variety of yogurts today. Making of homemade yogurt can be recommended to all fans of home and natural products. Such device as a yogurt maker will help to make natural yogurt at home. Today’s article will be about how to choose the best yogurt maker.

History of yogurt is quite long. The ancient Scythians started making yogurt for the first time according to some theories, for other theories that were the Thracians or Bulgars (ancestors of today’s Bulgarians). The ancestors of modern yogurt appeared a long time ago for all theories.

Let’s see what exactly is yogurt. Yogurt is fermented milk product, which is produced through the fermentation of milk under the influence of specific microorganisms – Bulgarian coli and thermophilic streptococci (active yogurt cultures) by definition. By the way, we already talked about choosing of quality milk.

Yogurt has a high nutritional value because it includes many important micro-nutrients (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B and others), as well as due to the presence and activity of beneficial microorganisms. High-quality yogurt benefits have positive effect on digestion and improve immunity in addition.

Making yogurt at home allows you to get a really high-quality and useful product. Special devices – yogurt makers – were invented for this purpose.Home yogurt maker

Let’s consider the basic characteristics of home yogurt maker:

1. Number of containers (jars) for yogurt.

Ingredients for yogurt preparation should be poured into special containers. One big jar (e.g. 1 or 1.5 liters) or more small jars (e.g. 150 ml) can be used in yogurt maker.

Jars can be made of glass or plastic. It is advisable to buy only yogurt makers with glass jars because plastic when heated can release harmful substances.

Yogurt maker with 6-7 jars of 150 ml. can be chosen for an average using.

2. Yogurt maker electric power.

The basic principle of electric yogurt maker machine is to maintain a stable temperature of yogurt mixture (about 38-40 degrees), which is carried out by a special electric heating element.

Yogurt maker power is quite low – only 12.5 – 20 watts on average, so this option is not critical in the selection.

3. Timer.

Timer is a basic management device in automatic yogurt makers. Yogurt preparation time, as a time of appliance work, is set by a timer.

Timers can be mechanical (in the form of a special control knob) or electronic (as buttons and electronic display).

Electronic timers, that allow you to automate the preparation process, are used in most modern home yogurt makers.

4. Additional functions.

Audio preparation alert, additional indicators and labeling of jars can be attributed to such additional functions.

These functions are not strictly necessary, but they increase the comfort of preparation of yogurt in the yogurt makers.

     As a result, it may be noted that the yogurt makers are very convenient, but at the same time very simple devices, so it is not necessary to look model of distinguished brand and pay extra money for it. You just need to ask the specifications presented above and also look at the quality of the appearance of the device. Then you’ll know exactly how to choose good yogurt maker and how to make homemade yogurt with it.

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