Light in the box or how to buy a nice led lightbox for apartments


    Many fashion trends appeared in home interior during a last time. One of such trend suggests a placement of special lighting pictures in the room, which are called as wall lightboxes. We’ll talk about them today.

A lightbox or a light panel is a specially designed interior element that consists of a graphic part (picture) and an electric light system.

When viewing lightboxes for apartments we can have some association with large photo frames.

These panels are designed in such a way as to give the picture or photo depicted on them the maximal realistic effect. Except this they simultaneously perform the function of lighting.

Let’s find out which lightbox is better to buy by going through its main characteristics:

1. Lightbox size.

The size of a light picture should be chosen based on the size of the free space on the wall, the size of the wall itself and the size of the room where the wall is located.

Although, on the other hand, it is a matter of taste and preferences: someone wants to put a small picture, and someone wants to close almost all walls.

Popular sizes of professional photo lightboxes can be considered as 180 cm x 60 cm, 135х45, 105х35 and others.

The general trend indicates that panoramic widescreen (slightly elongated) lightboxes are in high demand.

We talked about the length-width dimensions, but we also need to mention the thickness (depth). Here the recommendations are simple – it is better if the thickness does not exceed 5-7 cm, because a slim lightbox still looks more accurate.

Lighting boxes

2. Number of lights.

The number of lightbox lamps can range from one large lamp to a large number of small flashlights.

Often, this number depends on the graphics drawn on the picture, since the number of light sources depends very much on the perception of the whole picture.

3. Power and types of lamps.

The power of the lights depends on the power of the light flux passing through the picture, which also affects the perception.

Most home lightboxes have lamps with power from 10-20 to 75 watts.

A power of the lamps can be adjusted in some models, in this case you can increase or decrease power depending on the main lighting of the room or on the basis of other considerations.

The type of lamps depends on the economy of lightbox power consumption.

In most cases led lamps are used in panels. Such lamps have relatively low power consumption with high brightness characteristics. So a led lightbox is a good choice.

4. Material and features of the frame.

In general, the frames of lightboxes are made of plastic, but a good tone is the presence of metal fittings, which gives the necessary strength.

Also, you must to consider that you can buy wall mounted light boxes or panels placed on the floor near the wall, there are also combined models.

Finally we can say that the main criterion for choosing a lightbox, in our opinion, is a main picture or photography.

For example, a led display panel with sunshine and the sea.

When you look at such lightbox – it seems that you are not in your apartments, but somewhere far from civilization, and you can forget about all the affairs for at least a moment…

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