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     My first post on this blog I decided to devote to choose such a necessary tool in the farm as a chainsaw. This spring I had the need to buy this tool and before I decide what chainsaw to buy I searched through a lot of information.

So, let’s go!

First of all you need to choose the type of saw you need.

There are gasoline and electric saws.

Advantages of gasoline chainsaws:

1. Mobility – saw can be used anywhere, regardless of the power source.

2. Regardless of weather conditions. Using of a chainsaw is not dependent on rainfall and air humidity.

Disadvantages of gasoline chainsaws:

1. The presence of the exhaust gas

2. The larger size and weight than electric saws

3. Having more noise and vibration

The advantages of electric saws:

1. Smaller size and weight

2. Better performance of noise and vibration

3. Lack of exhaust gas

4. Lower price

Disadvantages of electric saws:

1. The need for direct connection to electric power source

2. Electric saws are not recommended for use in high air humidity or in the rain.

So, after comparing the advantages and disadvantages, you can choose what type of saw You need.

I stopped my choice on gasoline chainsaw, because pulling cord in 100-200 meters is very uncomfortable.

After selecting of the type of saw You have to make choice of a particular model.

The main criteria for selection are the following:

1. Power of chainsaw. It indicates the force with which the engine can to pull the chain of the saw.

On power saws are divided into:

– 1.5-2.0 kW – Household chainsaws. Suitable for cutting small diameter trees, and for no more than 20 hours a month;

– 2.0-3.0 kW. – Semi-professional chainsaws. Used for cutting trees with mean diameter and less than 200 hours per month;

– More than 3.0 kW – Professional chainsaws. Used for sawing large diameter trees for more than 200 hours per month.

2. Weight of chainsaw. The more power saws have the greater weight.

On weight saws are divided into:

– 4-4.5 kg. – Household saws

– 4.5-5.5 kg. – Semi-Professional saws

– More than 5,5 kg. – Professional saws

Weight of the saw must to be as small as possible. With smaller weight chainsaw  the operator can work longer and less tired.

3. Length of the bus of chainsaw. Bus is the part of saw where the chain clings. Length of the bus depends on the length of the tree diameter, which you can to saw at one time. Bus length depends also on the power of saw – saws with greater power have the longer bus.

The lengths of buses are the following:

– 30-35 cm – can to saw through a tree of 25-30 cm at one time, or 50-60 cm, if to saw  on both sides;

– 40-45 cm- it is possible to saw through a tree 35-40 cm at one time, or 70-80 cm, if to saw on both sides;

– More than 45 cm- used for sawing of thick trees with a diameter greater than 80 cm.

4. Chain step. Chain step is the distance between two nearest tines of chain. The bigger step of chain  provides more productive work of saw, but at the same time it provides more vibration and noise.

Chain steps are the following:

– 0.325 inches – is used for Household saws. It has a small productivity, but also small noise and vibration;

– 0.375 in (often written 3/8) – is used for Semi-Professional saws. It has an average productivity and average noise and vibration;

– 0.404 inches – is used for Professional saws. It has great productivity, but also it has a strong noise and vibration.

5. Chainsaw safety. One of the main dangers in using of the chainsaw is called kickback. It happens when the bus of saw meets a solid surface and the saw automatically thrown back. For the protection from the kickback must be a special pen-guard on Your saw. This pen-guard will stop the chain of saw when kickback will happen.

If You are not a professional on deforestation, I can recommend to You to buy chainsaw with the power 1.5-2.0 kW., length of bus 40-45 cm and chain step 3/8.

     Thus, when you specify the purposes for which you need a chainsaw and make considering of the above features, You can easily choose the model that suits You most of all and buy a good chainsaw.

Optimal choice to You!

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