How to choose the best shaver for men


   Every adult man in his life makes a choice to wear a beard or not. If a man does not want to wear a beard he has to shave regularly. The main tool in the process of shaving is shaver.

Most of modern men uses two types of shavers – razors and electric shavers.

A razor is a disposable or reusable device, which are made of special handles and blades attached to it.

An electric shaver is an electrical reusable device. Such shaver shave with special mechanisms – knife blocks, which are driven by the use of electricity.

Each kind of shavers has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of electric shavers.

The main advantages of electric shavers are:

  • 1. Mobility and more rapid use.

    Electric shaver can be used not only in the bathroom, but also in transport or in other places. The average time of shaving with an electric shaver is 20-30% less than the time of shaving with razor.

  • 2. Less risk of nicks and cuts

  • 3. You can shave without using foams and water

The main disadvantages of electric shavers are:

  • 1. Quality of shaving with electric shaver is slightly lower than the razor shaving

  • 2. Electric shaver can cause irritation to sensitive skin

  • 3. Price of electric shaver is much higher than the price of razor.

2. Main parameters of electrical shavers.

Let us consider the main characteristics of electric shavers.

Electric shavers are of two types:

1. Rotating shaver.

Rotating shaver

Rotating shaver

The basic element in this kind of razors is the rotating head.

2. Foil shaver.

Foil shaver

Foil shaver

The main elements of this shaver are the vibrating blades that are covered with a special mesh.

It is believed that the rotary shavers have a higher quality of shaving, but at the same time they are more irritating for skin. According to my own observations, the quality of shaving, which has a foil electric razor, is not inferior to the rotating saver, but the skin is hurts less.

When You choosing a shaver You have to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • 1. Number of shaving heads. The more shaving heads – the faster You can shave. In most rotary shavers are placed two or three rotary shaving heads, in foil shavers – from one to three.

  • 2. The mobility of the shaving heads. Mobility shaving heads – is the ability to change their position according to the contours of the face. For optimal shaving shaver must have a floating heads.

  • 3. The possibility of wet shaving. Some electric shavers can be used with shaving cream (wet shaving). If You have very sensitive skin, it is necessary to look for such shaver.

  • 4. Presence of beard trimmer. A beard trimmer is a special retractable attachment which helps to trim sideburns and long hair on beard. The presence of the trimmer is a very desirable factor.

  • 5. Methods of powering. Electric shavers can be powered only from electricity network, only from the batteries or from electricity network and battery both. The optimal choice is the shaver, which can be powered from both – electricity network and battery.

  • 6. Additional functions. Some shavers have a number of additional functions, such as self-cleaning, presence indicators of power and others. These additional features are present mainly in high-end models, and very often the effect of their use is not worth it to pay a higher price for the shaver.

   Familiarized with the basic characteristics of electric shavers, You can easily determine which model of electric shaver for men to choose and shaving will become an enjoyable regular process in your life.

  Optimal choice to You!

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    It’s good post! Now I know, what to ask in shop.

  2. Comty

    Now I use electric shaver and I think it is better than razors.

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