All about a computer keyboard and its choosing


   Summer flew, as always, very fast and now it’s autumn. Less often, the sun is pampering us with warm days and more and more often we are watching through the window of rainy weather. And when it’s raining we spend more time near the TV or computer. Today our discuss will be going on how to choose the best PC keyboard and information about it.

What is a keyboard?

A computer keyboard is a text and digital information input device that consists of a set of keys.

When people buy a computer, they are looking at the characteristics of the processor or video card and very few people pay close attention to the parameters of the keyboard. We forgetting, that most of information bulk will be entered with its helping. Also, it must be taken into account that the wrong choice of the keyboard becomes a cause of increased fatigue of the hands, as well as eyes.

Of course, you can to use a virtual digital keyboard with your mouse helping, but it really uncomfortable in the most cases.

Let’s look at the key features of a keyboard (its details) and decide how to choose it, if you buy a new one:

1. Types of computer keyboard by connection (connection types).

A few years ago it was possible to connect this device only through one type of connection – the PS/2port. Now the types of keyboards by the way of connection are more diverse.
You can find such keyboard types:

Leading PS/2 keyboard is released less often (some of the newest motherboards may not even have such a port), and their place gradually occupy the devices with a connection through the USB port.

There are also cordless wireless keyboards for pc or laptop. Their main representatives are devices with connections via the radio interface and via Bluetooth.

The main advantage of the leading keyboard is the absence of an additional power supply. On the other hand, the distance of use of such a device is limited to the length of the connection cord.

A wireless (wi-fi, bluetooth) keyboard can be used at a convenient distance from the PC, but this device should be powered from a third-party source – most often batteries. If the batteries are rechargeable, they can be recharged with a charger, and if not, you will need to buy new ones. Also, wireless keyboards are more expensive.

Personally, our opinion is this: it is better to buy a simple standard usb keyboard for pc with a cord connection.
If you really want to choose a wireless option – choose a model with a radio interface.

2. Keyboard form.

Basically, the keyboards have a standard rectangular shape and their keys are also standard and located in parallel rows.

However, there are so-called “ergonomic” keyboards in which the groups of keys are located by two “counter” blocks. In some models, the keys of the keyboard instead of the square are made in the form of parallelograms.

Types of computer keyboards by form:

  • Standard keyboard.
  • Ergonomic keyboard.
Computer keyboard types

1. Standart
2. Ergonomic

Keyboards manufacturers believe that the ergonomic keyboard allows you to reduce the load on your hands. Personally, I would not advise to buy such gadget for people who are accustomed to working with standard ones. I tried a couple of times – it’s very unusual to work.

3. Keyboard color and keys.

In general, the color of the keyboard may be black or white (the latest gamers and children’s keyboards are not taken into account).The black color helps reduce pollution, but the numbers and letters on a black background perceived much worse.

Therefore, I would advise to buy a white keyboard.

You also need to pay much attention to the color of the desktop keyboard symbols.

If your keyboard have at least two layouts of symbols (Cyrillic and Latin or other) it is better when each of them has its own color.

Many models (so-called multimedia keyboards) have a number of additional features – from function keys (turning on/off the PC, music listening, etc.) and ending with LCD displays.

Our advice to you: all this additional features are not necessary. Most of these functions can be easily implemented in other ways without possible negative influence on PC using.

Also there are special backlit keyboards. Such devices can help you to operate without basic lighting – but it is very harmful to your eyes.

Instead, when buying a keyboard, pay your attention to the presence of special supports – which allow you to slightly lift the front part of keyboard and increase the convenience of its using.

Let this information to help you to buy the best and most convenient computer keyboard, and increase the comfort of working with the PC.

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