5 parameters of a good small microwave oven


   A cooking is an everyday question, so everyone has to find their answers to him. In addition to choosing and buying products, an important moment in this activity is the way of cooking. One of these methods, which appeared relatively recently, is a cooking in a microwave oven. Therefore, this post will be about how to choose the best home depot microwave.

Microwave ovens increasingly become an integral part of a modern cuisine, at the level of such representatives of culinary techniques as, for example, multi cooker.

The history of a microwave oven begins in the 40’s of the twentieth century, when an American engineer patented her invention. The first microwave ovens were boxes sized almost two meters and were used in large canteens.

A microwave oven principle of operation is as follows: in a furnace there is a special device – a magnetron, which provides the transformation of electric current in high-frequency field. Under the influence of this field, food molecules are beginning to move, as a result of such movement molecular friction and heating of the product occurs.

Let’s turn to the main features of a microwave oven:

1. Microwave oven types.

Depending on the type, this devices are divided into: microwave solo, microwave with grill, ovens with grill and convection, multifunction ovens.

  • Solo ovens. These are the most simple and cheap microwave ovens, in which there is only the main function of heating the food with the help of microwaves.
  • Microwave ovens with grill have, besides microwaves, one or two built-in grills that allow to brown the crust in the product.
  • A convection microwave. An oven with convection has a built-in special air conditioner that provides more uniform and efficient heating.
  • A combi-multifunctional microwave oven may has, besides the ones listed above, a function of a steamer or a baker.

We think it is clear that a choice of which microwave oven to buy by its type can be based on your needs in one or another functionality.

2. Volume.

The volumes of cookware that you can put in and the amount of food that you can cook will depend on a volume of microwave. It is clear that a device size also depends on its volume.

So here you need to focus on your food needs and the specifics of the place where you want to install an oven.

In general, compact microwave ovens have a volume of 17 to 42 liters.

The average and most “purchasers” can be considered a small microwave oven with a volume of 23-28 liters.

Home kitchenaid microwave oven

3. Microwave power.

Considering the power factor of a kitchenaid microwave oven, we can first of all say about the power of the microwaves.

Like other types of power, it is measured in Watts and can be in modern microwave ovens from 600 to 1500 watts. The power of microwaves is approximately the same as in multi-cookers.

The higher indicator of this power provides the faster and “stronger” products heats up.

If there is a grill and convection in a microwave oven their power is also indicated.

The average grill power is in the range of 600 to 1250 watts, and the convection power is from 1300 to 2300 watts.

For average use, we can recommend the purchase of a most reliable microwave oven with 800-900 watts power, a grill power – 1000-1000 watts and a convection power – 1900-2000 watts.

4. Features of microwave plate cover.

The reliability and durability of an oven operation will depend on the quality of its internal coating.

A coating of enamel, ceramics or stainless steel is in microwave ovens often.

An enamel coating is a “budget” variant.

A ceramic coating can be found in more expensive models. It has a number of advantages, but also a number of imperfections, so the optimum type of coating is considered as a stainless steel microwave coating.

5. Type of control.

Like other electrical appliances, microwave plate has its own controls panel.

There are basically the following types of controls in new microwaves:

  • Manual mechanical. This is the simplest control type that is performed with the help of a conventional rotary switch.
  • Push buttons. In this case a kitchenaid oven is controlled by pressing the buttons and selecting the appropriate parameters.
  • Sensory control. A digital microwave oven touch control is essentially like a button, but instead of the buttons you need to click on the touch pad.

Among manufacturers of the best microwave ovens, which products can be recommended for purchase, we can mention Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Electrolux.

We would like to say a few words about a microwave oven safety of a using. Be sure to read carefully the instructions – it should include safety precautions, such as those that which items cannot be heated in oven (primarily this applies to metal utensils, closed containers with liquid, etc.).

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