How to cool down laptop (notebook) and cooling pad choosing


   All computers emit a certain amount of heat in the process of their exploitation. They may even overheat and break down. Today our discussion will focus on how to keep laptop cool or how choose the best laptop cooling pad.

Do you need laptop cooling pad?

All notebooks inevitably heat in the process of their work, because the processor, graphics card and other components produce a sufficiently large amount of heat. If the desktop PC can be cooled with special cooling system with large fans, the notebook is limited with this option by its size.

Do laptop cooling pads work?

Special coolpads are used to improve such cooling. These pads with notebook bags are quite important elements of device operating.

Let’s consider the main parameters of cooling pads for laptop:

1. Pad size.

The size of cooling pad must be chosen based on the size of your notebook. Since the laptop sizes are mainly standard, the producers of pads also produce them with standard sizes.

2. Pad material.

Laptop coolpads are made of plastic or metal, though most often they are made with combined elements. A plastic pad is lighter, but its heat transfer is worse, so the best choice will be coolpad with light metals – often with aluminum.

Cooling pad for laptop

3. Type of cooling.

There are two basic types of cooling pads for laptop – with active and passive cooling.

  • In active cooling pad are mounted one or more coolers (fans), up to 4.

    When you will make a choice of active cooling laptop pad, always check the noise of its work.

    You can recall the principle, which was discussed in the article about the choice of computer power supply: the larger cooler (fan) is quieter. Therefore, it may be more beneficial choice of laptop pad with one large fan than with four small fans.

    The power supply of fans usually going through the USB port (usb cooling), although there may be models that have the ability to connect an external power supply through the special adapter.

  • A passive cooling pad (fanless laptop cooling pad) doesn’t have fans and cooling occurs due to absorption and scattering of heat with materials of pad.

4. Tilt adjustment.

Working with the laptop, which is located at an angle to the surface is much easier (in conventional keyboards even there are special “legs” for this purpose).

Pads may have a fixed angle (cheap models) or adjustable angle (more expensive models). Here just a need to try and if fixed level suits you – not overpay.

Some pads can have a number of additional features, such as built-in speakers, card reader, or something else. For our opinion it is batter to have such notebook accessories separately and do not pay for their presence in the pad.

And we wish you to buy the best cooling pad for your laptop!

  1. Ron Fiter

    A cooling process is not such necessary when it is cold, but under warm cover it can be actual )

  2. Kurt

    I didn’t know what is an active cooling system in pads, but I know now. Thanks!

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