How to choose the most delicious bread


   I don’t want to remember hackneyed phrases, but the bread is really indispensable daily food product. Our ancient ancestors ate foods like bread from ancient times. Historians claim that the ancient Egyptians already had bread like a nowadays. Bread consumption only grows from that time.

Let’s look at the basic properties of bread and how to choose it.

The best bread is homemade bread in my opinion. I recently wrote how to choose the bread machine, which can be used to bake it. If you don’t have such device or do not have time – you will have to choose the bread in a shop or other retail outlet.Delicious wheat bread

First of all, it should be noted that the bread is divided into categories depending on the flour from which it is baked. The most common types are wheat and rye bread, which are made from wheat and rye flour respectively. In general, it is assumed that the category of “bread” include bakery products weighing more than 0.5 kg., all other bakery products relating to the buns, although this classification is often conditionally.

There are two main bread types: wheat bread and rye bread.

Wheat bread (also known as “white bread”) is made from wheat flour of various grinding. It consists of proteins (7,7-8,3%), fats (1-2,5%), carbohydrates (47-53%), water, and various trace elements. It should be noted that the chemical composition of wheat bread depends on flour grinding from which it is baked. A more significant percentage of useful trace elements and vitamin substances are stored in the bread, which is baked from rough grinding flour. This bread is more useful.

Rye bread (“black bread”) is baked from rye flour. Its structure is slightly different from the structure of wheat bread. For example, it contains less proteins (4,7-6,6%), fats and carbohydrates, but it contains more vitamin substances (especially group B) and dietary fiber.

Rye and wheat flours are mixed sometimes, wheat – rye bread is obtained as a result of such mixing.

What kind of bread to choose? Well, it’s a matter of taste.

Rye bread can be recommended for its greater biological and nutritional value. However, this bread has a higher acidity and slightly harder digested. So, if you have some stomach problems it is better to buy wheat bread.

The quality of bread can be determined by the following parameters:

  • Form of bread should be correct and appropriate for the type of bread. There should be no dents or other defects on the loaf;
  • Color of wheat bread should be golden, color of rye bread should be dark brown;
  • Bread crumb should be well baked and elastic. It should not stick together or crumbles when pressed.

It is also necessary to say a few words about the shelf life of bread.

The shelf life of bread is the term for which it is considered fresh.

The bread is fresh if it is made during such periods prior to the date of sale:

  • rye and wheat-rye bread – up to 36 hours;
  • wheat bread – up to 24 hours;
  • bakery products – up to 16 hours.

These terms can be slightly increased due to the special packaging. However, if the bread stays fresh longer than 3 days – it is better not to buy it, because the special chemicals have been used for this most likely.

Well, we hope this article will help you to buy the most delicious bread.

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