Electrical screwdriver types and features


    Every man at least once in his life had to deal with such a tool as a screwdriver. Everybody tighten some screws for some purpose. Sometimes, if it was necessary to tighten the screw in a hard surface or these screws was very much a tightening became a rather difficult task. To facilitate these processes there is a special device – an electric screwdriver. About how to choose a good electric screwdriver for home we will talk in this article.

What is a screwdriver?

Screwdriver is a special electrical hand tool designed for screwing and unscrewing screws and other fastening screw means, what is its primary function.

Some electric drills can also serve as a screwdriver, but this is not the main feature for them. Drill can be used for such purposes from time to time with small amounts of work, and in all other cases it is better to use the screwdriver.

Main screwdrivers specifications which define their capabilities are the following:

  1. Maximum screwdriver torque.

By the physical definition, torque is the amount of rotational force action on the body. That is the force with which the rotating element of the instrument works. Diameter and length of the screws you can tighten and the hardness of the material which you can to work depends from torque.

Torque is measured in Newton-meters. An ordinary household screwdriver has torque with average value of 10 to 30 N/m. This is enough to cope with most of the necessary tasks.

Professional electric screwdrivers may have torque 100 N/m or more.

Screwdrivers with great torque can be used to tighten the screws in very solid materials, as well as for drilling as a standard drill.

A very important characteristic is the presence of good opportunities screwdriver torque adjustment which allows different twist screws with different force.

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  1. Screwdriver rotation speed.

Rotational speed indicates the number of revolutions of the working nozzles per unit time. This indicator helps determine how fast you can tighten or unscrew something.

It should be noted that for normal work with screws enough rate is 450-550/min or less. If you want to use the screwdriver for drilling you need speed of 1,000 rev / min for this.

This is relatively small performance figure of rotation speed, as for example in angle grinder rotation speed can reach 11000 rev/min.

The speed of rotation also as the torque can be adjusted using a special screwdriver speed regulator, which presence is also essential positive factor.

  1. Characteristics of screwdrivers battery.

There are two main types of screwdrivers: network screwdrivers and cordless screwdrivers.

If screwdriver use electricity network – it is network screwdriver, but if this tool use the accumulator it is a cordless screwdriver.

The characteristics of the battery will impact on the time of the tool work and on many other parameters. When buying a screwdriver pay your attention to the type, capacity and voltage of the battery.

There are some basic types of screwdriver accumulator (battery): lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Basically, household models of screwdrivers use nickel-cadmium batteries. These batteries have a limited number of charge-discharge modes (so-called “memory effect”), so they need to be charged and discharged completely every time.

More expensive tools with lithium-ion batteries have no “memory effect” and can be recharged without waiting for full discharge.

Nickel-metal hydride screwdriver battery you can find rarely.

Screwdriver battery capacity is measured in amperes/hour. The capacity depends on the time during which the tool can work without recharging. The bigger capacity is the better.

On average for household use can buy screwdrivers battery with a capacity of 1.2 A/h.

Battery voltage sets screwdriver electrical power, and as a result its productivity. Voltage is measured in volts. More powerful screwdriver makes it easier to cope with work.

When choosing a household screwdriver you can prefer the battery with 12-14 V voltage.

Buying a cordless screwdriver, please also note the presence of bundled charger. Screwdriver charger operates similar to phones chargers.

  1. Types of screwdriver heads.

As a drill, a screwdriver may have the key or keyless chucks. Because of different between screwdrivers and drills loads, the best choice for screwdriver will be keyless chuck that allows a quick nozzles change.

  1. Additional functions.

Additional features that help make using manual screwdriver more convenient and efficient are the following:

  • Reverse availability. Reverse is a cartridge rotation in the opposite direction. Reverse function can be included even to the main functions, because it provides the opportunity to unscrew anything;
  • Spindle block. Blocking helps to change nozzles for a screwdriver in the cartridge easier;
  • Flashlight. Using a small screwdriver flashlight can illuminate a work surface. A screwdriver with backlit can be used in unlit areas or in poor visibility outdoors.

Some manufacturers add a special screwdrivers bag (case) to its set, which is very convenient to carry and store. Therefore making screwdriver choice you can look for the presence of such suitcase. A screwdriver holster will also be an added plus.

     I hope these tips will help you learn how to choose the best electric screwdriver.

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